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You can bring bring them back to life butnot always. When the grimreaper come click on him plead for your love. Then y'all will play rock paper scissors. if you when that person will be saved but if you lose that person is dead. So that's a 50/100 Chance

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2009-07-12 05:26:23
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Q: Can you bring back the dead Sims on Sims- Life Stories?
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Can a sim on sims life stories come back to life?

get a life and stop playing sims

Does the Sims 2 university life expansion work with the Sims life stories?

no, it only works with the games listed on the back

Can you bring people back to life in sims 3?

Yes you can.

Can you get your kids sims back in sims life stories?

No you can only get new ones sorry hope this helped.

How do you get your child back on sims life stories?

just click at your sim and call for adoption

How do you bring back the dead on the sims?

when a person dies on sims, the grim reaper comes and gives you a chance to bring your family member back to life. But if you don't win the game of rock paper scissors that you play with the grim reaper you cannot bring your family member back to life, the grim reaper is the only chance you got to bring your sim back to life.

How can I switch Sims when your Sim dies on The Sims 2 castaway?

if you have two and if you have 2 you can bring the dead one back to life

Can you bring a dead person back to life?

I don't think so which sims game is this on ?

Can you bring the dead back to life?

'Scientifically', no. You can't. But in fantasy stories sure, people might be brought back to life.

How do you bring a sim back to life in sims castaway stories?

easy make an other sim kill them and when grim reaper shows click on him and press plead for loved one hope this helps :)

Do you have to buy the sims 2 PC game before you buy sims stories?

No the sims 2 and sims stories are totally different games, just both sims look at the back of the game

How do you bring dead pets back to life on sim's 2 pets?

you cant bring a pet back to life but if a sim dies and you have their grave, then you might be able to see the sims ghost once and a while

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