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you have to be 30 days old. then you click the M in the top right corner to apply. you answer all them right OK or if you find them hard go on it has heaps of hints. First you have to be 30 days old and then if you are click the Badge on the top right hand corner and the answers so you become an agent are Honest, Being mean or rude, Report them, Saying their address, I want to keep Club Penguin safe, I want to help other penguins. Above was the original but below is the correct. The top one was but Club Penguin changed how things worked so the bottom on is right. They have now changed the HQ and the test. I can't be bothered to think up a walk through for the new one in the everyday phoning facility in the ski village. but it tells you what to do anyway so just go there and take the test. To take just click on the phone in the Everyday Phoning Facility.

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Q: How do you become a spy on Club Penguin?
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Do you have to be a member to become a spy on club penguin?

no because im not a member and im a spy

Where do you buy the spy clothes on club penguin?

If you become a spy then you can buy stuff at HQ

Where is the secret underground entreance on club penguin once you become a spy?

in many places around club penguin, such as the sewers..

How do you become a spy on club penguin if your penguin is not old enough?

user- jrken password mr.tino

How do you become a spy on club penguin immediately?

You can't you have to wait the minimum day's to become one.

How do you become a spy on club penguin if my penguin is not old enough?

You can't . There is no possible way to become a spy without being old enough. You have to meet the age requirements! Sorry!

Where do you get the spy phone pin?

At club Penguin! At club Penguin!

How do you find a agent phone in club penguin?

Well, you have to become an agent to have a spy phone.

How do you get your spy phone back in club penguin?

You have to go to the everyday phoning facillity then become an agent. Only then can you acsess your spy phone.

Can you were spy medals on Club Penguin?


Where to get the spy glass in club penguin field ops?

If you finish club penguin op blackout you will get a spy glass and lot of equipments

How many days to be a spy in club penguin?

It takes 30 days to be a spy, and 45 days to be a tour guide in club penguin.