How do you become a cop on roblox?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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That depends on the game.

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Q: How do you become a cop on roblox?
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How long do you have to play ROBLOX to become a Moderator?

You Become A Mod By Gettin' A Job With ROBLOX

How do you not become a guest on roblox?

You have to either log in into your Roblox account or create one. Or not, you will always become a guest when you go to games on Roblox.

How do be a roblox admin?

The Roblox admins are people who actually work for Roblox as they're job. if you want to become a Roblox admin you would have to work for Roblox

How long do you have to be on roblox to be a vet?

You must be a user in ROBLOX for atleast a year to become a Vetran.

In Roblox how do you make Roblox your friend?

Unfortunately, there is no way to become friends with the account, 'ROBLOX.' It is impossible to do so. ROBLOX is the main administrative account for the site that edits and releases all of the official ROBLOX items daily and/or weekly. There is no interface contact what so ever. However, you can become friends with a handful of the friendly administrators! Such as david.baszucki, the CEO and founder of ROBLOX and the main owner of the ROBLOX account.

Can you become a cop on the streets if you don't get tazzed?

Can you become a cop if you don't get tazzered but still go on the streets in a police car?????

How do you become a famous one in roblox?

not telling

How old do you have to be to become a cop?


What experience needed to become police photography?

You have to become a cop.

How do you get admin on roblox everywhere?

You have to be a roblox employee to become an administrator. I'm not sure if theyre taking applications.

How do you download roblox to the macmini?

Unfortunately, you cannot download Roblox or play it on a Mac. This is because Roblox is an Windows only game. Roblox does plan to become compatible with Mac computers in the future

Where is jj5x5 always at in roblox?

become friends with him and follow him