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You must be a user in Roblox for atleast a year to become a Vetran.

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Q: How long do you have to be on roblox to be a vet?
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How long has ROBLOX been playing Roblox?

Since 2006. ROBLOX Has been made at 2004. Published publicly at 2006.

How long do you have to play ROBLOX to become a Moderator?

You Become A Mod By Gettin' A Job With ROBLOX

Does Roblox work on Windows 8?

Yes. As long as your computer meets the requirements for running Roblox, it should be able to run Roblox.

How long did it take to make roblox?


How long on roblox do you have to be a veteran?

You get veteren 1 year after you make your account.

Why is Fleskhjerta banned on ROBLOX?

Fleskhjerta has returned to ROBLOX. His name is meonlyababy, I know its lousy name but he has a long story about it.

What is the maintance pass on roblox?

No one knows the Roblox maintenance password other than Roblox employees. Be patient: the website will not be offline for long. While you are waiting for the website maintenance to finish, you can work on your place and look at Roblox fan sites such as Roblox HQ.

WHAT IS Pokediger1 paswword roblox?

His password is long

Why is not roblox not working?

If your Roblox isn't working you will prabaly need to use the internet one: I play ROBLOX! as <a href="">BoomDaniel</a> at ROBLOX. I Played ROBLOX 4 A Long Long Long Time But When It Did That I Cryed And I'm Like 15. I Now But I LOVE ROBLOX!

How long did you play Roblox?

I opened roblox and closed it. Total Time: 1 second. NEW RECORD!

Does down loading roblox give you a virus?

As long as you get it from a Roblox's site it is guaranteed not to have viruses.

How do you blurb on roblox?

Go To My Roblox: Account (On The Top Row Below My Roblox): And Go Down To Personal blurb, Type Whatever You Want (As Long As It's Not Offending Anyone :D)