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You have to either log in into your Roblox account or create one. Or not, you will always become a guest when you go to games on Roblox.

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Q: How do you not become a guest on roblox?
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How do you not become a guest when you teleport on roblox?

Make an account

How do. you delete Roblox?

If you are professional hacker, be my guest. But by the time you do hack Roblox, you would be arrested by the government in court.

How do you make a guest talk on Roblox?

You can't. Safty.

How long do you have to play ROBLOX to become a Moderator?

You Become A Mod By Gettin' A Job With ROBLOX

How do you add the regular chat in roblox?

The only way to activate it is to become a member.... now get of your lazy but a sign up its free you guest... everyone hates guests....

How do you change your clothes on roblox the game and were is it on Roblox?

To change your outfit on Roblox you must have an account (not be playing as a guest). First click "My Roblox". Then click on "My Character". From this page you will be able to customize your Roblox character with any clothes you have bought in the game.

Why were guests deleted from roblox?

Guest can't be punished and were ruining the community.

How do be a roblox admin?

The Roblox admins are people who actually work for Roblox as they're job. if you want to become a Roblox admin you would have to work for Roblox

How do you make a quest on roblox?

Simply log out of your real ROBLOX account and then go to the place you want to play and hit play as guest.

What is a temporary ban on Roblox?

A temporary ban on Roblox means that you will not be able to access your Roblox account for an amount of time (1 day, 1 week etc.). However, you can still play Roblox games as a guest.

How do you change clothes in roblox in a game?

To change your outfit on Roblox you must have an account(not play as a guest). First click "My Roblox", then select "My Character". From here you can select to wear any clothes you have purchased.

How long do you have to be on roblox to be a vet?

You must be a user in ROBLOX for atleast a year to become a Vetran.