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Unfortunately, there is no way to become friends with the account, 'Roblox.' It is impossible to do so. ROBLOX is the main administrative account for the site that edits and releases all of the official ROBLOX items daily and/or weekly. There is no interface contact what so ever. However, you can become friends with a handful of the friendly administrators! Such as david.baszucki, the CEO and founder of ROBLOX and the main owner of the ROBLOX account.

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Q: In Roblox how do you make Roblox your friend?
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What are friend codes for on roblox?

a friend code is, say one of your friends had a ROBLOX account and he told you about ROBLOX. When you make your account, in the friend code type in your friend's Roblox's user name and Roblox staff will automatically send a friend request to him for you.

How do you send screenshots to someone on roblox 2013?

You can't, I recomend to try to get your roblox friend to make or add you on discord and send a screenshot from there.

How do you Refer a Friend on roblox?

Tell them about roblox. when they make there account, it will say "optional refer" type in your username in that area. It is best if you help them with the account

Friend me at roblox?

my name is roblox

How do you make a lot of friends on roblox?

usually everyone that you send a friend request to accepts it

How do you make the friend only door on roblox the pizza place game work?

Have friends.

What Photo editing program do you use to make a roblox shirt?

Any one you have! I use, but you can use that, paint, anything. Friend me on ROBLOX- I'm 2legobrothers

How do you make a tycoon on roblox and I've already searched roblox wiki and a bunch of stuff but nothing tells me how to make my own tycoon?

I would suggest finding someone who knows how to script LUA, the Roblox script. I don't script, but my friend (BinkyBear) knows.

Who is the creators first friend on roblox?

Builderman. Builderman is everyones 1st friend on roblox roblox is broken now but it will fix soon. if you go on roblox it will show up a really bad BAD BAD ERROR.

Who is the creator of ROBLOX's first friend?

foreverforgotten is the first person to get an acount and befriend the maker of roblox

How do you make a roblox?

U make a roblox with cheeze

Is there a obbyme1 on roblox?

yes im obbyme1 and obbyme2 yes obbyme1 is on Roblox you have to friend him