How do you beat missing puffles?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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okay, this might take awhile. First, talk to aunt Artic, than go to the ice rink to find the pictures. go back to her house and give them to her. Than go to the pet shop and click on the little note on top of the puffle house. decode the message, and go to the sports shop. Talk to G and ask about the special items. Enter how many socks he has (Which was in the message) Put the special items into your inventory and go to the ice berg. Talk to the penguins who are stuck on the ice burg in the ocean by using the life preservers you got from the sports shop. After you save them all, go to the ski hill. help fix the telescope by using your wrench from your spy phone (hit tools) look through his telescope and you can see the puffles if you look far enough to the left. than go to the tallest mountain and look up. use your graveling hook to get up there. You will find the puffles and return to aunt Artic's igloo. Hope this helped and have fun!

~CP master, Blueshue

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Q: How do you beat missing puffles?
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How do you beat missing puffles on club penguin?

it is the easyist thing but i forgot how to do it because i beat them all

How do you beat the mission the Case of the Missing Puffles?

I found the pictures it is in the Ice Rink but were are the puff's?

How do you beat misson of the missing puffles on clubpenguin?

There are many walkthroughs and sites on the Internet, and you should try using them!

Where are the 2 puffles on case of the missing puffles?

On the tallest mountain.

How do you do the missing puffles mission on club penguin?

You have to find the puffles.

What to do in the case of the missing puffles?

You can check out the video in youtube

What is the first mission on Club Penguin?

Case of the missing puffles is the first mission its where aunt arctic loses her puffles.

On Club Penguin what are the mission names?

Case of the missing puffles.

Where are aunt arctic's missing puffles?

Aunt Arctic's missing puffles are on the tallest mountain. Rescue the penguins on the iceberg with G's life preserver shooter and fix the penguins telescope on the ski hill. Then go up the tallest mountain and the puffles are there.

How do you get the prize in case of the missing puffles?

Pick up the photos at the ice rink and give them to aunt arctic before you find the puffles.

Where is aunt articles green puffle in missing puffles?

on top of a mountain

What mission on club penguin is mission 1?

the case of the missing puffles