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Get photos from the ice rink and then give them to Aunt Arctic.

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Q: Club Penguin-Where do you get the gift on mission Case of the Missing Puffles?
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What mission on club penguin is mission 1?

the case of the missing puffles

What is the first mission on Club Penguin?

Case of the missing puffles is the first mission its where aunt arctic loses her puffles.

On Club Penguin what are the mission names?

Case of the missing puffles.

How do you beat the mission the Case of the Missing Puffles?

I found the pictures it is in the Ice Rink but were are the puff's?

How do you pass the case of the missing puffles on club penguin secret agent mission?


Where can you find the key to Gs secret mission?

There's no key, you have to play the mission before it, which is case of the missing puffles.

What is the answer on club penguin for the case of the missing puffles?

The answer is in the pet shop, it changes every time you do the mission.

Where are the 2 puffles on case of the missing puffles?

On the tallest mountain.

How do you get to aunt arctics house club penguin?

you cant but if you are an agent you can do the mission called case of the missing puffles and you can go to her house while doing the mission

What do you do to the flying puffles on mission 1 on club penguin?

You find it at the top of the mountain. If still stuck go to

Where is herbets lair on the first club penguin mission?

Herbert's location isn't important in the first mission, Case of the Missing Puffles, so you don't have to worry about it.

Is there a secret mission on Club Penguin?

yes there is. to do it thogh u first have to solve ether the case of the missing puffles or the the coin mistory.