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Do you mean at the Wilderness Expedition?

Well you have to be at the Cliff of the Wilderness Expedition to do it.

Here are the Instructions:

1. Go through the Wilderness Expedition until you are at the Cliff.

2. Push the Button that makes the Target that you hit it to make the Barrel come up.

3. When the Barrel is at the top walk into it.

4. But, right before you go into it, push your mail.

5. Hold your mail for at least 1 minute or less or it won't work.

6. When you are back from your mail, check to make sure you can't see your character. (If you character is still there, might be because CP updated.)

7. Click a spot to make you character go to. (If you don't see it)

8. Then start typing.

9. Well done! Your a Ghost without the Ninja suit!

10. If you want a friend to come make sure you do this after your friend is there. Tell them to wait a minute.

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Q: How do you be invisible on Club Penguin without the ninja outfit?
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How do you become invisible on club penguin without being a ninja?

You can't. You have to be a ninja and a member to be invisible.

How you turn invisible in Club Penguin?

You must be a member, have the black ninja outfit and you dance whilst wearing it! Hope I helped

Club penguin how do you disappear with the Ninja outfit?

you wave

How do you become invisible after you become a ninja in club penguin?

you have to be a member on club penguin to be invisible you have to pay if you have to be a member?

How do you become invisible on clubpenguin?

Buy the ninja outfit then press "dance"

What is the ninja shadow on club penguin?

U either put on the ninja outfit and ninja mask and dance or put on the ninja outfit, ninja mask and cloud wave embracers and wave ( ninja mask not in ninja catalog ) .

How do you turn invisible without being a ninja?

Follow the ninja into his invisible suit and try to hold on.

If you are a ninja on club penguin do you have to be a member to turn inviable without the ninja outfit?

noif you go to the hill and play 10000 games off the game on the hill on the same day but if you do not then yes

What is the cheat to become fully invisible in Club Penguin?

get a ninja suit

What does the red ninja suit in bully do?

none of the ninja suits do anything No The black ninja outfit makes you look invisible to the authorities The other two do nothing.

Can you get a ninja outfit on club penguin wthout being a member?

no you can only get the headband. PLEASE RECCOMEND ME

How do you open your ninja cards in club penguin?

you have to ask sensei for them first.he is siting on a cushion invisible