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No you buy the ninja suit for 1000 coins AND you HAVE to be a member to BUY it =)

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Q: Can you become invisible in club penguin if you are not a member?
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How do you become invisible after you become a ninja in club penguin?

you have to be a member on club penguin to be invisible you have to pay if you have to be a member?

How do you become invisible on club penguin without being a ninja?

You can't. You have to be a ninja and a member to be invisible.

Can you be a member on Club Penguin Elite Penguin Forces?

club penguin elite force is a game for theNintendo DS and also you cant, become a member, but you can be a member on club penguin.

How do you become member on club penguin without paying?

That's not possible. You have to be a member to play Club Penguin.

On Club Penguin how do you become a member?

First go on the club penguin home page and then at the top of the club penguin page click on membership then (you must have a penguin before you become a member) then click how long and how much you want to be a member for then type in your penguin name and password then fil in the details.Thanks for readingginny 1181 (club penguin name)georgie (real name) :)

What is the cheat to become fully invisible in Club Penguin?

get a ninja suit

What are the necessary condition to become a member of the G20?

That is not a club in club penguin. Don't put it under club penguin if its not.

Does club penguin pay for being a member?

You have to pay to become a member.

How do you go to member only areas in club penguin?

Become a member!

How can you become a member on Club Penguin?

You need do buy it.

What is the cheat for club penguin rooftop?

become a member

Can you become a member of club penguin by a money order or a check?

no you have to pay with credit card or you can buy club penguin ds where it comes as a member