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none of the ninja suits do anything

No The black ninja outfit makes you look invisible to the authorities

The other two do nothing.

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Q: What does the red ninja suit in bully do?
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I have the game Bully for the PS2 Is there really a Yellow Ninja Suit My friend says you get it after 100 of the game and online people say 1000 knockouts Also give a picture it?

no there is not really a yellow ninja suit.there is only a red ninja suit,a black ninja suit,and a green ninja suit. yeah i looked for the yellow ninja suit. got 3000 knock outs. not there.

How do you use weapons from red dragon on other islands?

If you want to use the ninja weapons on other islands, you can't. You can only equip the weapons on red dragon island. But you can equip your ninja suit if you go to items under : Red Dragon.

What does a black ninja costume do in bully scholarship edittion?

Makes you almost invisible to authorities. Very useful past 7 o'clock pm...

Is there such thing as a ninja suit in club penguin?

There was a ninja suit in Penguin Chat 3. It was easy to be a ninja then. Click on the black penguin and click N in Penguin.

How do you turn invisble in Club Penguin?

you have to be a ninja and get the ninja suit (you have to be a member)

How do you get your ninja suit off on red dragon island?

Go to your Items and click TAKE OFF.... Or customize another Poptropica character.

Do you need to be a mamber to get a ninja suit in the secrit room in Club Penguin?

u have to be a member to get the ninja suit in the hideout and u have to pay

What does the green ninja suit do?


How do you get ninja Suit on dragon fist 3?

Type in 'Tao' and you will get a ninja and everything.

How do ninjas turn invisible on club penguin?

Once your a ninja, go into the ninja hideout( Sensei tells you where it is) go to this stand that filled with ninja stuff, buy a ninja suit, then take of everything except your ninja mask. Then put on your ninja suit and dance and you should turn tranparent.

Do you have to be a member to get your ninja suit?

Yes... it stinks

How do you get a ninjasuit the easy way on poptropica?

Go on red dragon.duhh.^_^ i hope this works. ps:later when you meet the teacher,he will teach u and u will get the ninja suit