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Get a ninja suit,wear it wear the ninja mask and the bracers and boosh!You are invisible some kinda way!

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Q: How do use the cloud wave bracers in club penguin?
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What is the cloud wave bracers ID?

The Cloud Wave Bracers is a hand item in Club Penguin.

How On club penguin how do you use the cloud wave braces to disappear?

You must go to the ninja hideout and get the cloud wave bracers.

How do you use cloud bracers?

Wear it with your ninja suit and ninja mask. then you wear the bracers then wave

What are cloud wave bracers on clun penguin?

cloud wave bracers are stuff that members can buy and make you unseeable

How do you use the cloud wave bracers on club penguin?

wear them along with your ninja suit and then wave your hand.

How do you smoke with the ninja aolfit on club penguin?

You have to buy the cloud wave bracers in the ninja catalog in the ninja hideout located by the dojo courtyard.

How do you use club penguin wind bracers?

u have to buy the ninga bracers on cp and the ninga suit and u have to wear the mask and then wave

How do you use the cloud wave braclets on club penguin?

Press w while only wearing the cloud wave bracelets.

How do you make a cloud on club penguin?

you really cant make a cloud unless your a ninja with all the gear then you wave then woof makes a cloud but then your invisible. hope that helped ^_^

How do you use wind bracers on club penguin?

Firstly you have to be a member than you buy the wind bracers from the martial arts catalogue. Once you have them you then must buy the ninja outfit for 1000 coins then stand in the circle where it said stand here. Then you must click the wave emote or just press w and that will generate the wind.

Where is the wave on Club Penguin?

Which wave? You can surf at the Cove.

Where is your penguin wave on Club Penguin?

you can click anywhere and then click the w on your keyboard to wave