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do the wave motion with only the tour hat on.

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Q: How do you take a tour on club penguin?
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Where is the entrance lamp on Club Penguin?

I'm sorry but if you have a club penguin account sign in and take a tour. II U

How do you get the tour guide on Club Penguin?

Are you wondering how to get that hat to help around Club Penguin? Just take the test, but you have to go to the tour booth that the tour table that says'' Tours'' at the Ski Village. You have to be atleast fourty five to take the test.

How do you become a tour guide in club penguin?

There is a tour booth were you have to take a test. if you pass the test you get a tour guide hat!

How much days old do you have to be to be a tour guide in Club Penguin?

you have to be 45 days old to be a club penguin tour guide

How do you get the tour guy hat in club penguin?

You become a tour guide by taking a quiz at the Club Penguin Tour stand. You have to be a few days old I think...

What does a tour guide do on Club Penguin?

A tour guide helps out new members of club penguin. They show them around and help them out with any question that they have.

Cheats for Club Penguin tour penguin?

go to www.ClubPenguin insider.comand there is your answer

Where is the tour guide hat on club penguin?

To get the tour guide on club penguin, you need to be at least 45 days old. If so, go to the Ski Village and click the tour guide stand. Take the test. You must get 7/8 answers correct to get the hat.

What are the answers to the questions how to take a tour on club penguin?

Click on Safe Chat Menu, then click on activities, then Give a Tour, you have to be wearing the Tour Guide hat to do this

How do you get to be a tour guide in club penguin?

You have to be a club penguin member for 30-60 days, and then go to the tour guide area and sign up to become a tour guide. You do not run the tour by yourself. It is entirely automated.

How do you find the tour guide on club penguin?

There are many tour guides on club penguin. Stay at the Ski Village and you just might run into one. A tour guide normally starts its tour from the Ski Village.

On Club Penguin what jobs can your penguin get?

spy tour mailman coffeshop pizza