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if you can get there number,call them and sometimes they'll ask to battle you.or sometimes they call you,they'll ask to battle you.

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Q: How do you battle trainers again in Pokemon gold?
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How do you get the battle frontier symbol in Pokemon emerald?

nah. not 8, 7. factory, beat 20 consecutive trainers to get to noland. gold, 41 trainers. pike, the last room of round 2. gold, 10 rounds tower, finish 34 consecutive trainers. gold, 69 trainers. dome, beat 5 consective tourneys;last battle of 5th tourney is tucker. gold, 10 tourneys. pyramid, go through 21 mazes to get to Brandon at the pinnacle. gold, 42 mazes. palace, perhaps the hardest of them all. get through 20 consecutive trainers, but u cant choose wad ur Pokemon uses, so beware. gold, 41 trainers. arena, get through 27 consecutive trainers. but u cant switch out, so i don't recommend a choice band

In Pokemon Heart Gold if you defeat Mewtwo can you battle him again?

Just defeat the elite 4 again and he will return.Hope it works.

How many trainers are in the elite four in Pokemon gold?

There are four and a champion.

Which starter Pokemon do most trainers have when you battle them in heartgold and soulsiver?

dialga dialga is not a starter Pokemon. if anyone does know the starter Pokemon that appears the most in the game heart gold and soulsilver please answer. maybe you spelled the name wrong or were thinking of another Pokemon.

What are the event action replay codes for heart gold?

catching trainers Pokemon

If Ho-oh flies away in Pokemon Gold can you still catch him?

If you make Ho-Oh faint or if you run from the battle, you can't cath it again. However, if you don't save after that, you can battle it again.

Can you re-battle Kyogre after you battle Rayquaza on Pokemon Heart Gold?

Depends if you've saved you're game before battling kyogre.

Where is the battle tower in Pokemon Gold?

Mo battle tower

What will happen if you Battled all the trainers in Pokemon emerald?

well if you beat the elite four and you catch all 200 Pokemon and you get all ribbons in the contest on all levels and get all gold coins an the battle frontier you get to customize your trianer card its awesome i already did it

Where is goldenroad city in pokemon gold version?

get through ilex forest. beat the trainers and you're at goldenrod

How do you get to Ho-oh in Pokemon Gold?

Go to tin tower to the top floor in Ecruteak city . TIP:Save right before you battle him so if you kill him you can just restart the game and battle him again.

Can you find a second johto starter Pokemon in Pokemon heart gold version?

Yes you can by using action replay to catch your rivals starter Pokemon with the code for catching trainers Pokemon