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First you need the master account and then you can follow instructions on related link

The links are from Playstation support USA and also cover every PS3 screen that you need to have completed for creating the master account and there is also a separate link for creating the sub account

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Q: How do you activate a subaccount on a PS3?
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PS3 does not have the ability to play (activate) PS2 games.

Can PS4 activate PS3 games?

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When combining subaccounts the contact data for the subaccount that is going away is destroyed along with the subaccount name number?


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MLB.TV is not free for any device and it is know to be available for the PS3. If you have MLB.TV you can activate the system on PS3. iPhone, iPod touch are $19.95 a year

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if this is smackdown vs raw 2009 on ps2 its start i think it is on ps3 as well

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