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The guitar comes with a usb adapter just plug it in your ps3 and activate the guitar by pressing the PS button on it.

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Q: How do you conect a Guitar Hero guitar to ps3?
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Does a PS3 Guitar Hero 3 guitar work on Guitar Hero world tour PS3?


Will Guitar Hero 1 ps2 work on PS3. If yes will Guitar Hero 1 work with the same guitar as the PS3 guitar for Guitar Hero 3?

Yes and Yes.

How do you use Guitar Hero 3 guitar with Guitar Hero 2 on your PS3?

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Does the guitar controller for Guitar Hero 3 PS3 work on any version of Guitar Hero PS3?

Yes, it works for all the Guitar heroes that came after Guitar Hero 3

Can a PS3 Guitar Hero rocket kit fit on a ps2 Guitar Hero guitar?


Can Guitar Hero iii Les Paul wireless guitar for sony ps3 play in all the Guitar Hero?

It should work for any Guitar Hero game for the PS3.

Will rock band guitar work on Guitar Hero on ps3?

No but in Guitar Hero 5 it will work

How many guitar heros are there?

There 12 are including: Guitar Hero (PS2) Guitar Hero II (PS2,XBOX 360) Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s (PS2) Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii) Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii) Guitar Hero: On Tour (DS) Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades (DS) Guitar Hero: World Tour (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii) Guitar Hero: Modern Hits (DS) Guitar Hero: Metallica (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii) Guitar Hero: Smash Hits (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii)

Will ps3 Guitar Hero guitar work on xbox360?


What controllers can you use for guitar hero metallica for the PS3?

Mic- PS3 Controller & mic Guitar- PS3 Guitar Bass- PS3 Guitar Drums- Ps3 Drums JA

Can you get a guitar hero guitar on your PS3 and the hook it up with another PS3?


Will the ps3 Guitar Hero 5 guitar work on the ps2?

Yes, with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and newer.