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The expansion port on the PS3/Xbox 360 guitar controller allows you to connect an effects pedal, which changes the sound of the guitar when you step on it. Every Guitar Hero controller since Xbox 360/PS3 Guitar Hero 2 has included this expansion port

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Q: What does the expansion port on a Guitar Hero 3 controller do?
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How do you get the wireless guitar work for guitar hero on the ps2?

By plugging in the wireless dongle to the controller port.

What is the port that looks like a phone cable for on a Guitar Hero 3 guitar?

This is the extention port for th guitar controller. what ever you do, DONT PUT A TELEPHONE CABLE IN IT! It can catch on fire or mess up your controller.

How do you use the singstar microphone for guitar hero world tour on a ps2?

Make sure you have it plugged in the USB port and also have a controller plugged in a controller port.

How do you plug in the microphone from guitar hero world tour into your xbox 360?

you plug it into the controller port

How do you talk to friends while playing guitar hero metalica xbox360?

Usually there is a microphone port on the side of your guitar hero controller. Plug the mic into that port and start up a party thing with your friends.

Will the Guitar Hero 3 guitar work on Guitar Hero 4?

Yes, the original guitar works for all of the new releases (so far) including rock band. But, the world tour edition is much sleeker, with the joystick closer to where your hand should be, and a star power button.

What is the expansion port on the Guitar Hero controller for?

the only news so far is that it could be for a foot pedal expansion, but none have been released yet, and that seems kinda pointless anyways. So, basically it's there in case the developers feel like using it.

Do you need to use a controller to use the guitar hero world tour microphone?

no, it plugs into the back of the console, in the usb port.

How do you connect the mic for guitar hero warriors of rock?

Plug the USB connector into the USB Port... then control the menu with the normal Controller

Will the dj hero controller for wii need a Wiimote to be plugged in like in guitar hero or will it connect to an usb port?

It has been previously announced that the Wii Turntable peripheral will be a bit larger to allow insertion of a Wiimote Controller so players can play wirelessly.

How does the mic work on Guitar Hero?

Make sure the console is turned off first, then plug the microphone into the console's USB port. Then turn the game on and use a controller to navigate.

What is the expansion port for on guitar hero world tour?

It is not confirmed what it is going to be used for yet but there is talk about a foot pedal being released, but for all we know it could be for nothing. lets wait and see!