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Make sure the console is turned off first, then plug the microphone into the console's USB port. Then turn the game on and use a controller to navigate.

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Q: How does the mic work on Guitar Hero?
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What microphones work with Guitar Hero world tour?

Any USB mic should work with Guitar Hero Any USB mic should work with Guitar Hero

Will a Rock Band Mic work with Guitar Hero?


What xbox 360 microphones work with guitar hero world tour?

You can use the Xbox 360 headset, the Guitar Hero mic, or or Rock Band mic.

Will Guitar Hero World Tour drums and mic work with Guitar Hero 3 and other versions of Guitar Hero?

You cannot use the drums and mic on previous games because the controllers were not made at the time that guitar hero 3 was made.

Does rock band 2 work with guitar hero world tours drums guitar and mic?

yes the mic does but the drums don't

Does Guitar Hero drums for the ps3 work on Guitar Hero aerosmith for ps2 or does the mic?

No, guitar hero aerosmith was made before gh world tour, which was when they added the drums and vocals. Therefore the only playable mode is guitar and bass, so obviously the drums and mic will not work.

Will guitar hero world tours mic work with rock band?


Do you have to have a controller to use the mic on guitar hero wii?

yes you need to have a controller to be able to use the mic. (you can use the mic on guitar hero 4 and upwards)

Will guitar hero warriors of rock bundle play the rock band disk?

the guitar and mic will work the drums will NOT

Does a Rock Band Mic work on guitar Hero World Tour?

no i do not think so

Where do you put the mic in Guitar Hero for wii?

The Guitar Hero Mic for Wii is more of a controller itself. You need to sync it with your Wii as if it was a controller.

Does the lips microphone work on Guitar Hero?

nope i just tried it and it says to connect a Mic