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Get Guitar Hero 2 for PS2, get a controller adapter, and get a 60gb ps3 from the launch

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Q: How can you play guitar hero sweet child o mine for PS3?
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Does Guitar Hero have guns and roses?

Yes. Guitar Hero II has the song "Sweet Child O' Mine", and Guitar Hero III has the song "Welcome to the Jungle".

Is slash from Guitar Hero real?

Yes he is real and most REAL guitar players know him for different songs including "Sweet child of mine" he was the lead guitar of Guns and Roses.

How do you unlock sweet child of mine on guitar hero world tour?

The only way to get on world tour is to play it on GHMix or in the recording studio

How do you get sweet child of mine on guitar hero 2?

You have to unlock it by playing other songs first or get the cheat code to unlock all the songs.

Dose guitar hero 3 have Paradise city in bouns songs?

No it does not. Its a shame though as we did have Sweet Child of Mine (GH2) and Welcome to the Jungle (gh3 LoR).

What instruments are used in sweet child of mine?

guitar vocals drums bass lead guitar, lead vocal, drums, bass, rhythm guitar

Which music video does the singer write lyrics on his guitar?

Sweet Child o' Mine is the music video that the singer has the lyrics on his guitar.

What song is harder on guitar sweet child o mine or paradise city?

They are both difficult songs but sweet child o mine is more technical and involved than paradise city. If you are a beginner at guitar, I recommend trying to learn Paradise city first.

What does the o mean in sweet child o mine?

It means sweet child of mine

Would the guitar from Guitar Hero world tour work for Guitar Hero 3 for xbox 360?

yes i have it working on mine

What are all the instruments that are played in Guns N Roses song Sweet Child of Mine?

Guitar (lead and rhythm separate) Bass guitar Drums Vocals.

Guns N' Roses had a huge hit with Sweet o' Mine?

Sweet Child 'o Mine.