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It depends which Guitar Hero you have. Any of the Guitar Hero games except for Guitar Hero 1, 2, Rock the 80s and 3 have a band mode which lets 2-4 people play at once. For a full band you need 2 Guitar Controllers (any compatible with your console), a microphone (i am not sure about other people but Singstar microphones don't work on mine) and a Drum Set controller. You don't need to have all of these to play band mode, just two (the 2 Guitar controllers would be separate for that comment).

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Q: How can you have 4 players play guitar hero on ps2?
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Can you play Guitar Hero on ps2 with joystick?

No. You have to have a guitar (Can be "Rockband" or "Guitar Hero" guitar or a drum set.)

Can you play guitar hero 5 from ps2 on Xbox 360?


Can you play your music on Guitar Hero on ps2?

Unforetualntly you can't.

Can you play guitar hero metallica with your ps2 controller?

i dont no

Can you plug any guitar from Guitar Hero in any Guitar Hero game for ps2?

yeah, if the guitar from guitar hero IS for ps2 lol. {:

Is the ps3 guitar hero 5 guitar the same as the ps2 version?

On the PS3 Guitar Hero it has better graphics and it has online play whereas the PS2 doesn't.

Guitar Hero 3 ps2 guitar works with Guitar Hero world tour PS2?

Yes :)

Can you play Guitar Hero on a PS1?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! They are for PS2 and PS3 ONLY!!!!!!!!!!

How many guitar heros are there?

There 12 are including: Guitar Hero (PS2) Guitar Hero II (PS2,XBOX 360) Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s (PS2) Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii) Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii) Guitar Hero: On Tour (DS) Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades (DS) Guitar Hero: World Tour (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii) Guitar Hero: Modern Hits (DS) Guitar Hero: Metallica (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii) Guitar Hero: Smash Hits (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii)

Can you play a PS3 guitar with a ps2 Guitar Hero on a PS3?

you need a backward conpatible ps3

Should you have a guitar to play Guitar Hero PS2 version?

You can. You can also use the regular controller.

Will a ps2 to gamecube adaptor work with a ps2 guitar hero guitar for Guitar Hero 3 for wii?

No, Gamecube Is from Nintendo and The PS2 is From Sony.