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You cant get it on the first mine you have to unlock the third mine. to unlock the third mine you have to get the second mine get the second mine to do that you have to get to the last floor of the first mine. when (or if) you finish the first mine you might have a chance to get the second mine event!

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Q: Can you get adamantite in the first mine on harvest moon ds cute?
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Where is the Adamantite in Harvest Moon cute?

Adamantite is located on all floors in the 3rd mine.

Harvest Moon Ds where is Adamantite?

it is in the second mine to get the second mine you have to complete the first mine

How do you get adamantite in harvest moon ds?

You can find adamantite on all of the floors in the 3rd. Mine

HOW to get a adamite in Harvest Moon DS cute?

If you mean adamantite, that can be found on any level of the 3rd mine. You can research on how to unlock the mines, but adamantite is randomly thrown in with the rocks that you smash with the hammer on every level of that mine.

How do you get adamantite in harvest moon ds cute?

The other forums say that it's on the third mine but I have smashed at least 20 floors worth of rocks and every single rock on the floor. it's just not here! maybe harvest mood ds cute is different than harvest moon ds?

In harvest moon do you get adamantite by tilling soil are breaking rocks?

breaking rocks in the 3rd mine

How do you get ammonites on harvest moon DS?

I don't know what ammonites are but maybe you mean adamantite. These are found in the third mine. There is either and adamantite or a orichalc on every floor.

How do you get adamantite in harvest moon?

From the 3rd mine. Unlock the 3rd mine by getting to the bottom of the second mine and doing the cut scene with carter

In HArvest Moon Cute ds what do you need to unlock the second mine?

complete the first mine

How do you get an adamantite on Harvest Moon Island of Happiness?

You can find it on the 75 level of the mine which is in the large looking volcano

Which cave has adamantite in harvest moon ds?

the third mine it is randomly shuffled in one of the stones on each floor

How do you get adamant in harvest moon ds?

It's called Adamantite and it's found in the 3rd mine on every floor in the rocks. You can unlock the 3rd mine by getting to the bottom of the first and second and activating the event in which you go into the mine after 10 p.m. You have to do the event after the first mine to unlock the second mine.

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