How do you I make mugen stages?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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u need fighter factory and know how to use it

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Q: How do you I make mugen stages?
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How do you add bonus stages to mugen?

these are bonus stages add them as characters and some of them have a stage with them they only work with that stage

How do you make mugen work?

mugen does not work anymore

Where can you get sonic stages for mugen?

go on and type in Sonic M.U.G.E.N. stages and there will be a lot sites. I hope this helpful ? for you By RavShindo

How can you put your Mugen characters in your Mugen game?

When you download your character unzip it to your mugen folder. Then copy the name of the folder. Now go to the data folder and open " select.def " with notepad or word pad. Scroll down until you see this line: kfm, stages/kfm.def paste the name underneath it. (don't worry you don't have to put the stage thing unless your mugen is REAAALY old)

Where can you play mugen match 9?

You play mugen when you download it. make your own characters. made a stage. test and make their moves. Mugen can be a lot of fun,but you can make anyone like ami,yumi,astro boy,or even haruhi and more.So just take my advice.

How can you make a mugen?

question makes no sense, please evaluate.

Where do you find ranma saotome for mugen?

What is Mugen?

How do you make Win Mugen full screen?

you can't because of the software

Why does mugen freeze during game play?

It Can either be your Computer or you have Too Many Hi Res Chars and Stages. Sometimes it can be a single character that causes it to freeze.

What can you extract Naruto mugen to?

Extract it to your mugen folder

What is mugen slime?

a monster who rapes ppl on mugen

How do you get to play mugen battle online?

mugen batlle