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You can't it's impossible

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Q: How can you trade cheated Pokemon on the GTS?
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How do you trade on gts plus?

i need to know how to trade Pokemon on gts after i put Pokemon the offering Pokemon and the Pokemon i wanted but i still cant trade with the Pokemon

Is it possible to trade a Pokemon you got on the GTS for a different Pokemon on the GTS?


Where can you see what Pokemon are up for trade on gts besides going to gts?

You can't check what Pokemon are up for trade beforehand.

Can you trade action replay Pokemon?

You can to a friend wirelessly but not over GTS it will say on the gts "that Pokemon may not be offered for trade"

How do you trade Pokemon on the computer?

Get on GTS.

If you have already put a Pokemon up for trade on Pokemon gts can you trade another on the seek Pokemon part?

Yes u can, If u put a Pokemon in GTS You can still seek for Pokemon.

Where to trade your Pokemon in Pokemon black?

At the GTS in any Pokemon Center.

What is a GTS in Pokemon?

the global trade station

What is GTS in Pokemon pearl?

The Global Trade Station is a place where you can globaly trade Pokemon

What is gts in Pokemon Platinum?

GTS means Global Training Station, you can trade Pokemon with other trainers across the world. Of course you must have WFC to trade.

Who should you trade on the GTS for your darkrai in Pokemon X - meloetta genesect or arceus?

You should trade on the GTS for your Darkrai in Pokemon X because of Meloetta Genesect.

Where do you trade Pokemon is Pokemon Platinum?

union room or in GTS if u wanna trade globally.