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You can't, it won't let you.

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Q: How do you trade cheated Pokemon in the global trade center?
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How do you use the global trade in Pokemon black and white?

You go to the Pokemon center. Right next to the globe, there's a girl who asks you to do wireless communications. then say global trade

What is the global trading center in Pokemon Soul Silver?

A place to trade Pokemon with people around the world

Where is the Global Trade System on Pokemon Diamond Version?

In jubilife city far left from the Pokemon center

Is there a global trade in Pokemon Black and White?

yes. in the poke center talk to the woman in blue on the left on the top floor then press global trade.

How to get the three starter Pokemon in HeartGold?

You can use the Global Trade Center in Goldenrod city.

Where to find the Global Trade Station in Pokemon White 2?

The GTS operates upstairs (right) in the pokemon center

How do you trade Pokemon if you have no friends on Pokemon pearl?

There are some in-game trades that allow you to trade. Also, if you have wi-fi, you could use the Global Trading Center.

Who is the founder of the global trade center in Pokemon fire red?

The founder of the Global trade center in Pokémon Fire Red is not known. Pokémon Fire Red was released in 2004.

Why will Pokemon Black not allow Victini to be traded via Global Trade Center?

Victini cannot be uploaded to the Global Trade Center in the event of you having the one that has V-create because it has a ribbon attached to its info that will prevent it from uploading to the Center.

Where is Gastly in Pokemon Pearl?

Trade a Graveler in Jubilife City in the Global Trading Center and it will involve after the trade.

How do you get every Pokemon in platinum?

Catch Alot Of Diffrent Pokemon,Pokemon Global Trade Center,Migrate, And Just Try Really Hard.

Where can you find the wifi center in Pokemon heartgold?

There is a wifi trade option available in every pokemon center after a certain amount of progress through the game. The Global Trade Station (or GTS, for short) is in Goldenrod city.