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yes, go to your ds settings and change the time to 24:00.

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Q: How can you make it faster for night time in Pokemon platinum?
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Is there a item that make your POKEMON faster on platinum?

x speed

How do you make your Pokemon happier in Pokemon Platinum?

if your Pokemon level ups, its happiness will increase automatically. but if you give your Pokemon a soothe bell, its happiness will increase faster, and it will evolve faster (by certain Pokemon). also return will do more damage

How do you evolve a sneasel in Pokemon platinum?

you make it hold a razor claw and level up at night.

How do you make a sweet smelling tree work faster in platinum?

Put on three coats of honey, that's the max and it will work faster, or rarer pokemon.

How do you make it night time in Pokemon Platinum?

Pokemon Platinum time runs on your DS or DSi clock. To make it nighttime in the game, change your clock settings too nighttime. Example: If you set it as midnight on your DS, it will be midnight in the game.

How do you make the razor fang have an effect on gilgar on Pokemon platinum?

you give it the item and evovle it at night by leveling it up.

How do you make it night fall faster in Pokemon pearl?

the only way is to hack it. if you set the time correctly night comes when its nighttime where you are.

How do you make chingling evolve on Pokemon platinum?

Chingling will only evolve into Chimeco if it's happiness is full at night time.

Where can you see an umbreon on Pokemon platinum?

On Route 212, a trainer has it. That is, if you just want to see it to complete the dex. There is no where to catch it on platinum, though. You'll have to make an eevee happy at night to make it evolve into an umbreon.

How do you make a Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

by breeding an evie

How do you evolve eevee into umbreon on Pokemon platinum?

You train it at night and try to make it as happy as possible. I would recommend using the exp. share.

How do you find on Pokemon platinum?

this does not make sense