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Pokemon Platinum time runs on your DS or DSi clock. To make it nighttime in the game, change your clock settings too nighttime. Example: If you set it as midnight on your DS, it will be midnight in the game.

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Q: How do you make it night time in Pokemon Platinum?
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What time does night start on Pokemon platinum?

Night starts at 8 PM in Platinum.

How can you make it faster for night time in Pokemon platinum?

yes, go to your ds settings and change the time to 24:00.

What time of night to get 152 in Pokemon Platinum?

anytime at night, but midnight is best

How do you make chingling evolve on Pokemon platinum?

Chingling will only evolve into Chimeco if it's happiness is full at night time.

Where is misdreaveous in Pokemon platinum?

You can cath misdreaveous in eterna forest during night time.

Where do you get misdreavies in Pokemon platinum?

I think at night time at the haunted mansion in Enterna forrest.

What time is nighttime in Pokemon Platinum?

It is considered night between 8 PM and 4 AM.

Is there a limited time in Pokemon platinum after which you cant play the game?

no you could play all night

Where do you get misdrveus in Pokemon platinum?

you go to eterna forest at night time and i think he is quite rare

What time can you find duskull in Pokemon platinum?

Night time in between solaceon town and heathome city near hallowed tower

How do you tell its Friday in Pokemon Platinum?

Pokemon platinum has the time feature where it uses the dses time. if it is Friday on your ds, it is Friday on platinum.

How do you get murk row in Pokemon platinum version?

well you have to go to the enterna forest at NIGHT time there is a very rare chance of it appearing to make it evolve use a dusk stone