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u cant only if u trade or transfer from firered or leafgreen bye!

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Q: How can you get all starters in Pokemon platinum rom?
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Are there ROM hacks of Pokemon Black?

yes. here are the ones i know of: get all starters pokemon blackemrald

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How do you transfer saveflile from the Japanese Pokemon Platinum ROM to the English Pokemon Platinum ROM?

Sorry to say this but, you can't put a save file from Japan to an English Pokemon platinum, but you can always start it over. Keiko123

How do you play Pokemon platnium on your computer?

download a Pokemon platinum ROM

What is the rom base for light platinum?

The Answer Is Pokemon ruby!!

What is Pokemon light platnium?

Pokemon Light Platinum is a rom hack of Pokemon Ruby.

How do you play Pokemon platinum no downloads?

You simply buy it. That or find a Platinum ROM. Buy it

How do you download Pokemon Platinum version on PC?

Download NO$GBA & a Pokémon Platinum ROM.

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Pokemon Platinum action replay help ROM?

Did you mean Rantom?

Are there any good Pokemon Rom Artists to make starters for me?

yes there is one on beatle drive