What is Pokemon light platnium?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Pokemon Light Platinum is a rom hack of Pokemon Ruby.

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Q: What is Pokemon light platnium?
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How do you get a light ball in Pokemon platnium?

Get it off a wild pikachu, in mr backlot's garden.

Where is do you get registeel in Pokemon platnium?

You can't find Registeel in Pokemon Platnium. You just migrate it in Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, and Pokemon Emerald.

How to get harriyama on Pokemon platnium?

you cant catch it in platnium but you can trade it

Where do you get a razor claw in platnium?

There is no 'platnium', but you can find it on wild pokemon.

Should you get Pokemon platnium or Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4?

the most wanted in this houshold is Pokemon platnium

What is the latest version of Pokemon?

It is Pokemon platnium.

What Pokemon is Pokemon 80 in platnium?


How many Pokemon are there in platnium?

by-Pokeexpert980 The same as PEARL/DIAMOND/PLATNIUM 493

Where do you get all 8 plates Pokemon platnium?

spell you trash 'platnium'=Platinum

Where do you get the strength hm in Pokemon platnium?

you can get it in pokemon platinum!

How do you get a Charmander egg on Pokemon platnium?

from Pokemon FireRed

How do you give a Pokemon to the guy with no Pokemon on Pokemon platnium?

no you don't give pokemon