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The Answer Is Pokemon ruby!!

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Q: What is the rom base for light platinum?
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What is Pokemon light platnium?

Pokemon Light Platinum is a rom hack of Pokemon Ruby.

How can you play Pokemon light platinum English version in vba?

Find the rom and load it normally

Is Pokemon light platinum gba ROM released?

yes it is just Google it and you should either find a ips patch or the ROM itself so just patch a ruby ROM and your done ~edge

Does Pokemon platinum have cheats on a rom?


What is a fun Pokemon hack rom?

There are lots of fun pokemon rom hacks, i would recommend pokemon light platinum, pokemon sienna (it's not a finished hack though) and pokemon ash gray :)

Can you use action replay codes for platinum on light platinum it's a hacked ROM of Pokemon Ruby but it has platinum Pokemon so...?

Nope, ur gonna have to use "Pokemon ruby" action replay codes. Light platinum,as u said, is just Pokemon Ruby but with the Pokemon images and names changed. So if u used wild Pokemon modifier, and typed the code for a torchic, a chimchar will come out, just like any other hacked ROM.

How do you play Pokemon platinum no downloads?

You simply buy it. That or find a Platinum ROM. Buy it

How do you download Pokemon Platinum version on PC?

Download NO$GBA & a Pokémon Platinum ROM.

How do you transfer saveflile from the Japanese Pokemon Platinum ROM to the English Pokemon Platinum ROM?

Sorry to say this but, you can't put a save file from Japan to an English Pokemon platinum, but you can always start it over. Keiko123

Where you can download Pokemon Light Platinum Beta 4?

Its impossible at now, Zel the creater of the hack ROM is working on it. Inside of, it not finished yet

How can you trade in a No gba emulator between a Pearl ROM and an English patched Platinum ROM?

As far as i know,you can't.

Can you get action replay codes on Pokemon platinum rom?