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It's actually for all Pokeballs. 94000130 fcbf0000

62101d40 00000000

b2101d40 00000000

00000d00 03840001

00000d04 03840002

00000d08 03840003

d5000000 03840005

c0000000 0000000b

d6000000 00000d0c

d4000000 00000001

d2000000 00000000

Press UP+L+R to Activate U R Welcome!

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Q: Get master ball code on Pokemon platinum?
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Pokemon fire red master ball code?

The master ball code is: 82003884 0001

What is the description and code of masterball in Pokemon Emerald?

For Pokemon emerald via gameshark Master code: D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5 Master ball code: 82005274 0001 The master ocde is very important. You will get master ball in any pokemart for free after you type the "Master code" and the "Master ball code". HOPE IT WORKS!

Is there a code for 999 master balls for action replay?

Yes there is a code for 999 master balls in Pokemon platinum

What is the code for Pokemon ruby 999 master ball?


What is the master ball code for Pokemon fire red?


What is the Pokemon Platinum code for action replay DS?

There are many different action replay codes in Pokemon platinum. If you mean the master code then you need to say where you game was made.

How do you activate the 999 master balls cheat on Pokemon platinum?

this code doesnt work

What code to get master ball unlimited in Pokemon ruby?

There is no code. this game doesnt have one

What is the Action Replay code to get the Pokemon Modifier with 999 Master Balls for Pokemon Platinum?

it is ........................................................................................... hope this helps! rofl

Pokemon firered master ball pc code?

82003884 0001

Pokemon soul sver 999 master ball code?


What code is there for Pokemon ruby 99 master ball cheat?