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Personally my children are drawn to reality and quite mature so its not that big a deal what my sons play or watch, I played lots of over rated games 20 years ago am still alive and sane so I don't think any one should be restricted from what they see or here.

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Q: From what age can you play mature rated games?
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Are Jehovah's Witness supposed to be playing internet games that are rated for mature adults?

If you are an of the age to play the game then yes you can.

Why are more and more videos games being rated M?

Good question, now let's see... oh right, they are being rated M for mature, because you need to be of a mature age to play somewhere around 16 to 20

What age is PlayStation for?

Playstation can be used by all age levels, it just depends what game you are playing. Check the rating before you play it. Games can range from rated E for everyone to M for mature.

Do violent video games cotribute you youth violence?

There is an age rating on video games. E rated, T rated, and M rated. E rated means everyone can play and enjoy them safely. E 10+ means everyone over 10 years old can play and enjoy them safely. T rated means only those 13 and above can be mature enough to enjoy them. M 17+ or M 18+ means it is advised only mature adolescents and young adults (mostly "age labeled" and above) should be allowed to play them. Normally, games should be enjoyed and played, but before a certain age, some kids are not mature enough to differentiate fiction from reality. There are cases where irresponsible parents have bought violent games to their children disregarding the age restriction written on them which has caused violent actions from the child playing the game(s). But generally, if the age restriction is followed, there should be no contribution to youth violence from games.

How old do you have to be to play cod?

Call Of Duty Games are Rated M (for mature users over the age of 17). Although, these games are able to be bought for underage players, but moral values and trust are totally up the parental figures.

Do kids age 10 through 17 play mature games?

yes because the games that come out are mature. i blame the parents of the kids for letting them play. I'm tired of playing with little kids online

What age is cod mw3 going to be?

Like the rest of the Call of Duty Games it will be rated 18 and M for Mature! ~Jakosaurus~

Can you play teen rated games at age 12?

You can't buy them at that age. Whether you play them or not is up to your parent or guardian.

Where can one go to find out how to play San Andreas?

GameStop is the go to place for gamers of every taste, nationality, and age. It is well known that gamers of a young age must have a parent to buy such games for them as they are often rated M for mature.

What age is resident evil?

Its rated M for mature

At what age can you buy mature video games?

Any age

Is bully a good game or not?

For a child, i would say the game is not good. The game Bully is rated M (mature). The ideal age for people to play rated M games is 17. Other than the rating, the game itself shows a lot of things that children shouldn't be playing.