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The lowest age rating on a Halo game is "T" for "Teen" (13+), which is the rating for Halo Wars. It was released in March 2009, exclusively for the Xbox 360 console. All of the other Halo games are rated "M" for "Mature" (17+).

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Q: What is the lowest age rating on a halo game?
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What age rating is halo reach in England?

Halo: Reach has a PEGI rating of 16.

What is the PEGI rating for halo 4?

It is rated 16+, however I do not believe that this age rating is to stop you from buying the game, just to warn that it may be offensive to some.

What is the age rating of Halo Combat Evolved?

The age rating for halo combat evolved start from 18 - infinite, though you have to be old enough to buy it, kids as young as six has been known to play this game. I hope this has helped.

Is the Halo reach age rating 16 or 18?


What is the difference between a game save halo wars and a regular halo wars game?

halo wars is a strstegy game like age of empires the halo series is a shooter game like metal gear solid 4

What age rating is the amazing Spider-Man game?


What is the age rating on the Sims 3 game?

t for teen

What age rating is 007 blood stone the game?

ESRB rated it: T(teen) PEGI's rating was: 16

What age rating is BioShock 1?

The rating on Bioshock is M. This means that store associates are not allowed to sell this game to those under the age of 17. (USA)

Can a 7 year old be able to play halo odst?

While different countries have different age limits at which the game can be purchased by a minor, ultimately it is up to a 7 year old's parents whether or not to allow them to play. In North America, the age restriction for purchase is 17. In Great Britain and Australia the age is 12, and it is given a rating of 16 by Pan European Game Information.

What is the age rating of Halo 3?

It is rated Mature (18+) for blood, language, and some other things, but many people 8+ are found playing it dispite its recommended age.

In halo wars are you in a car for the whole game?

I don't believe you are in a car for the game it is an RTS (Real Time Strategy) game like Age of Empires etc.