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I would say Armityle, as 10000 easily beats 4000 for Obelisk. but still, that only does 6000 damage, but the other cards are dependant on the player, so there is no way of knowing for sure.

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Q: Egyptian God cards or Armityle The Chaos Phantom who would end the duel?
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What is the name of the three wicked god cards fused?

Armityle, the Chaos Phantom.

Is there a fusion of the three sacred beast cards?

Yes, it's called Armityle the Chaos Phantom.

Does field spell cards affect Armityle the Chaos Phantom's effect?

Depends on the field spell. Inherently, Armityle has no effect that says he is immune to the effect of field spell cards.

Which pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards does armitael lord of chaos come in?

He is now known in the TCG as Armityle the Chaos Phantom, and you can find him as a Secret Rare in packs of Ancient Prophecy.

How many people have sacred beast yu gi oh cards?

I have them all uria lord of searing flames hamon lord of striking thunder raviel lord of phantasms And the fusion: armityle the chaos phantom

What is the highest attack on a Yu Gi Oh card?

The highest I know of is 5000 with 5 Headed Dragon and one of my favorite cards Dragon Master Knight along with 5000 Armityle the Chaos Phantom has 10,000 ATK during your turn only.

What if there was a fusion for armityle the chaos phantom and the creator of light- horakhty?

Well, Armityle is hard enough to summon on his own, because he is a contact fusion, meaning you have to have all the Sacred Beast cards on the field to summon it. So, in order to accomplish this, you'd need to sacrifice three each of continuous traps, Fiend-type monsters, and continuous spells. There are a few different ways to build an Armityle deck, but they can suffer from inconsistency and dead-draws. Now, add to that two Polymerization cards, the three Egyptian God Cards, and Horakhty. The monster in question would likely be very powerful, but it would be difficult enough to summon that I doubt it would be worthwhile. Plus, you've got to consider that Horakhty and Slifer haven't been released as tourney-legal cards.

What is yugi's best card in yu gi oh the sacred cards?

the sacred beasts are Uria lord of searring flames, Raviel lord of phantasms, and Hamon lord of striking thunder. they also have a fusion monster called Armityle the chaos phantom.

How many sacred beast fusions are there in the world?

If you mean how many versions of a card, there is just one, Armityle the Chaos Phantom.If you are asking how many actual cards of Armityle were printed, there must be hundreds of thousands worldwide, including his Japanese original release.

Download Egyptian god cards for yu gi oh power of chaos?

You need the Mod for it

Can armityle the chaos phantom beat the winged dragon of ra?

Well, with the new Winged Dragon of Ra card out (which is legal), and given its effects, I'd say yes, but also no. Armityle's effect gives it 10,000 ATK, but only during your turn, and although it can't be destroyed by battle, it has 0 ATK, meaning you'll take battle damage. Ra's effect for it's ATK and DEF says that you must give all your Life Points till you have 100 left, and that will become it's ATK and DEF, and unless you used cards to increase your Life Points by ALOT, that wont count for anything against Armityle, assuming it's Armityle's turn to attack. If it's Ra's turn, with the 0 ATK, depending on your opponent's Life Points, he could be toast. But if you mean "beating" as in destroying, Armityle would win because he can't be destroyed by battle, and, attacking Ra with 10,000 ATK, Ra would more than likely be destroyed and sent to the Graveyard. Sorry the answer was a bit long, I just needed to explain how and why. Hope this helps!

How much are the illegal Egyptian god cards worth?

If the illegal Egyptian god cards are fakes, then they would not be worth anything. Rare, real Egyptian god cards can be worth from $20 to $150 depending on where you sale them (as of 2013).