Does wailord lv x exist

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no no

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Q: Does wailord lv x exist
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What hp does wailord have at level 100?

wailord lv 50 =hp180-250 wailord lv100 =hp400-600 wailord increased hp per lv +5/6

How do you get a wailord?

train a wailmer to lv 40

What level does wailord learn its moves on Pokemon ruby?

Wailord's moves if you evolve at level 40: lv 44:water spout lv 52:amnesia lv 59:hydro pump

What level dose wailord evolve?

A Wailmer will evolve into a Wailord at Lv. 42. That's it folks. Wailmer evolves into a Wailord at level 40

How much exp does wailord need to be at lv100?

Wailord needs 1,640,000 exp to reach lv. 100.

What level does wailmer involve?

Wailmer evolves at Lv. 40 into Wailord

What are the top 10 strongest Pokemon?

No idea but maybe... Mewtwo lv X Palkia lv X Dialga lv X Arceus lv X Shaymin lv X uhh... etc etc etc... Those are strong Pokemon but it really depends on what types you like. Ex. If you like using Fire Type Pokemon then a really good powerful card, and I would say the best for you, would be a Charizard G Lv.X which is super powerful to use, but if you prefer water you might want to go with a wailord Here is in my opinion the best Pokemon for each type Fire: Charizard Grass: Tangrowth Water: Wailord Lightning: Zapdos Physic: Mew Lv. X Fighting: Machamp Colorless: Blissey Darkness: Gengar Steel: Metagross

Can a Pokemon go to level X?

Lv 'X' is a Pokemon card level.Level 'X' does not exist in Pokemon games.

How do you catch a wailord in ruby?

level up your wailmer to lv.40. usually you can use the super rod and catch a wailmer lv.30 to 40.

Can you find a Deoxys in rout 104 and 116 on emerald?

yes you can, but only if your team has a lv 56 ho oh lv 92 sceptile lv 27 mightena lv 100 latios lv 46 wailord lv 35 zapdos and loads of luck.

When do wailmars evolve into wailord in Pokemon ruby?

It evolves at lv 40 but sometimes it doesn't evolve

Where do you get a wailord in Pokemon sapphire?

you cant catch one wild you have to evolve wailmer at lv 40