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Rather than catching a Wailmer at Lv. 40, you can find one by Surfing on Route 129 or Fishing on Route 136 with the Super Rod. (though they're very rare, I'd say evolve Wailmer)

You can catch a wailord at route 129 by super rod. Their level could be very high, although i met a lvl 28 wailord there by accident.

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Q: How do you catch wailord in Pokemon Emerald?
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Why do you need a wailord to catch a registeel in emerald?

You do not need a Wailord to catch a Registeel in Pokemon Emerald. You may need a Wailord or any other water-type Pokemon to surf to the place where you catch Registeel, but other than that, you don't need a Wailord.

Can you catch a wailord with a super rod in Pokemon emerald?

No, but a 45 wailmer is basically a wailord.

How do you catch the regis on Pokemon emerald without catching wailord?

You Can't

Do you need the TM Dig to catch the three regis on Pokemon emerald?

no you do not just the Pokemon relicanth and wailord.

Can you capture wailord on Pokemon emerald?

I don't think so, but you can catch wailmer near Pacifidlog.

How do you catch a wailord in Pokemon Emerald?

go to route 129 and surf around, there is a 1% chance that one will apear

Where to catch wailord in Pokemon emerald?

You can catch Wailord while surfing through Route 129 however it's a rare Pokemon additionally you can find Wailmer in locations such as Mossdeep City, Ever Grande City, Dewford Town and Lilycove City and then you can evolve it at Level 40 which will cause it to evolve into Wailord.

How do you get a wailord in Pokemon emerald?

you can find it at rout 129

Where can you find wailord in Pokemon emerald?

in shinetown city

In emerald how do you catch a wailord?

In emerald, there is a slim chance you'll catch one in Route 129, but the easier way is to catch a Wailmer and evlove it.

How do you get a wailord and relican in Pokemon emerald?

wailord you have to evole from wailmer and relican you find in dive mode.

Can you catch Wailord in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You cannot catch a Wailord but you can, however, evolve a Walmer at level 45.