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It does. It should work with a lot of other mods as well.

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Q: Does the optifine mod work with single player commands?
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Does single player commands work with other mods?

Yes, yes it can. PROOF I've tried it with TooManyItems

How come when I try to play terraria in single player it stops responding and I have to close it?

you must open the single player commands folder and open the game from there and it should work

Does optifine work with too many items?


Do you have to have single player commands for worldedit to work?

No, you don't need anything for world edit to run correctly besides a correctly setup bukkit or Tekkit server

How do you uninstall single player commands?

the easiest way to uninstall a minecraft mod (like single player commands) is to replace the jar file to do this 1.start minecraft.exe(starting minecraft in a web browser will not work) 2. select options force update 4. login and the minecraft jar files will redownload (you will still keep your saves and texture packs)

Why wont single player commands work with smart movement mod in minecraft?

There is a version that makes spc works with smart movement mod. (See related link below for more information.)

Does single player commands work with mo' creatures?

Yes it does and in fact I have both those installed on mine along with buildcraft better than wolves indurstural craft and Mona255's realistic overhaul

What mods work on minecraft 1.4.2?

Check MinecraftForums or the MinecraftWiki. They'll tell you. I recommend TMI and Optifine to start.

Does talking work on single player in minecraft?

No, you can't open the chat box, so you can't talk on single player. Edit: You can open the chatbox and use commands in the later versions of minecraft, if you select cheats enabled when creating a new world.

What do you do if your minecraft says worldedit plugin doesn't work?

Obviously you have single player commands installed, but no big this only means one feature of the mod is not working same here I always got the same message lolz.

Do cheats still work on gta 4 if your on multiplayer?

No, Single Player cheats do not work in the multi-player games.

Why isn't minecraft world editor working I put every file in the mod into minecraftjar The single player commands work but when i load a world it says plugin failed to load spc worldedit DOT class?

same some 1 help US :(