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same some 1 help US :(

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Q: Why isn't minecraft world editor working I put every file in the mod into minecraftjar The single player commands work but when i load a world it says plugin failed to load spc worldedit DOT class?
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What do you do if your minecraft says worldedit plugin doesn't work?

Obviously you have single player commands installed, but no big this only means one feature of the mod is not working same here I always got the same message lolz.

Why wont your commands work in minecraft 1.3.1?

if you mean a bukkit servers plugin commands not working then it may be because they need to update there plugin or it may not be installed properly. If it is a normal server downloaded from the site then you should be able to use all the default commands.

Is single player commands working in minecraft 1.0.0?

First you need to update your minefraft to 1.3.1. If you have done that you need to go into settings and turn cheat/command mode oh

What commands for working with the document are organized into tabs on the?


How do you get Minecraft working?

You launch it from wherever you saved it to.

How do you use magic launcher with single player commands for Minecraft?

Install it need WinRaR 7zip etc. etc. go to minecraft bin delete Meta-INF (meta-inf will stop the mod from working)unzip the mod put it in your minecraft bin go to download a shortcut to minecraft use the shortcut use your chat key (default is T) to open the typing area have fun flying and blowing stuff up!

How do you get a minecraft server working?

Download, portforward, and run it.

Why is the minecraft net not working for you?

Check your internet connection.

Is it just me the Minecraft website isn't working for?

Yes it is

How do you make a working motorcycle in Minecraft?

There are no motorcycles in vanilla (normal) Minecraft The only vehicles are minecarts and boats

How can you get Minecraft alts?

Well, you can maybe google minecraft alts. Some of them are actually working. 80% do not work.

How can you fix the connection timed out error on multiplayer minecraft?

Close minecraft and then reopen it. Repeat until working.