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No. As far as I can tell, Shadow sees Amy as a friend, and a reminder of Maria. His interactions with her make him remember the true promise he made to Maria: to save the earth. Sonic sees Amy as an annoyance, but doesn't want her hurt as a result of Eggman's schemes, so protects her. If Shadow were ever to try to hurt Amy, then the two hedgehogs would fight.

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Q: Does shadow and sonic fight for Amy?
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Are sonic and shadow the hedgehog have a fight to see who gets Amy rose?

No way! That would be pointless, because Sonic and Shadow dont even love Amy. And anyway Shadow does not love anyone and does not want to, and Sonic he loves Sally Acorn.

Who is more popular shadow and Amy or sonic and Amy?

I think Sonic and Amy are more popular than Shadow and Amy.

Does Amy love shadow or sonic?

She's a fangirl of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Why are sonic and shadow rivals?

The reason is that they're rivals is cause sonic likes Amy and shadow likes Amy too

Will Amy find that Shadow like her?

Shadow doesn't like her but Amy likes shadow and sonic she has to deside so it's best to like sonic though cus shadow is just a recreation of sonic so i thank sonic and Amy are better together.

Who is Amy in love with sonic or shadow?

sonic...because of amy have 3 brother sonic is his girl friend

Does shadow love Amy more than sonic?

Shadow loves no one.

Is it true that Amy rose has a crush on shadow the hedgehog?

Amy has a crush on Sonic, not Shadow.

Does shadow like Amy or maria?

In a story Amy told sonic to come back but when Sonic said no he stared to hang out with Sally then Shadow asked Amy whats wrong then Shadow gave her some promises but when Sonic saw Shadow and Amy Sonic wanted Amy back to him so Sonic and Shadow were battling each other but sonic crashed into Amy then Shadow got mad so Shadow took Amy to the doctor and now Sonic and Sally came together and Sonic for gets about Amy and Shadow likes Amy but not maria.

Who is the best hedgehog on sonic smash Brothers Amy Sonic Shadow or Silver?

Well, Amy Rose has a crush on Sonic, but some people beg to differ.

Did amy rose love shadow more than sonic?

amy likes sonic but when shadow kissed her life changed and cant decide anymore when did shadow kiss her

Does Amy have a baby with Shadow or Sonic?

shadow or sonic haha thats so funny amy will have kids with shadow no way dude they do not do as shadamy and sonic ha liked sally before. And we didn’t know what is sega’s choice