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It is not possible to change your name using a command, that function only works on mobs. There is a way to change your name but only for a small while in a server with plug-ins.

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Q: What is the command to change your name in Minecraft?
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How do you change username for Minecraft?

Unfortunately, you can not change your name on Minecraft!

What it the item id for the command block on minecraft?

The only way to get a command block in Minecraft is to have cheats on in your world.Once you generated a world like that, type in the following command:/give [your Minecraft character's name] 137 [amount up to 64]That will give you a command block.

What is the command to get gamemode in minecraft?

/gamemode [Name] [0,1, or 2]

How do you do other people in creative in minecraft?

To change the gamemode of a player, you would use the command /gamemode and in the player spot you put the name of the person that you want to change the gamemode of

How do you change day to night in Minecraft creative?

If you mean Minecraft Classic, this is not possible. Minecraft classic is only meant for building, not survival. If you want to have survival, you'd have to buy the full version. To change day to night in Minecraft premium (full), as of 1.3 the command prompt was added to single-player so issue the command /time set night.

How do you change gamemode in minecraft maps?

There are no commands in minecraft PE as far as I know.

How do you start a faction on minecraft?

It must have the factions plugin. The command it /f create name

How do you summon creatures with minecraft single player command mod?

You go to the command, Type in Spawn, space, then the creature name, id, random.

What is the block id for command blocks?

There is no command block in minecraft. If you go to the Minecraft WiKi it will have all the information you need for anything in the game.

What is the command in Minecraft to change time?

It is /time set [time] Replace [time] with: 0 for Day 14000 for Night

Where do you get command blocks in minecraft?

You cannot get command blocks from the creative inventory, however you can type in a command to receive one. Press "T" on your keyboard while in-game and then type /give (your username) command_block.

Can you change your Minecraft email account?

No you cannot change your minecraft email account, but it is possible to change your screen name by loging in to with a different computer...