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If you mean minecraft Classic, this is not possible. Minecraft classic is only meant for building, not survival. If you want to have survival, you'd have to buy the full version.

To change day to night in Minecraft premium (full), as of 1.3 the command prompt was added to single-player so issue the command /time set night.

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Q: How do you change day to night in Minecraft creative?
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Can you change day to night on minecraft pe creative mode?

Currently, you cannot change day to night but it is thought to come in a few updates.

Is there night in minecraft creative?

Yes, the day/night cycle doesn't change no matter what gamemode you're in.

How do you change day mode to night mode on minecraft pocket edition creative?

you can't

Does it go night on minecraft pocket edition on creative?

no. in creative, it is all day, no mobs, flying, and unlimited resources.

What does op do in Minecraft?

They are the admins of the server. They can kick, ban, mute, change the time of day, switch from creative to survival or survival to creative, and have more control over the server than regular users.

How many seconds are there in a Minecraft day?

In Minecraft, there is a total of 20 minutes in a day (including night). A Minecraft day (sunlight) lasts 10 minutes, and a Minecraft night lasts 10 minutes. Therefore, a Minecraft day in total lasts about 1,200 seconds, and during the day and night about 600 seconds. I hope this helped!

What is the command in Minecraft to change time?

It is /time set [time] Replace [time] with: 0 for Day 14000 for Night

How long is 1 Minecraft day?

a minecraft day is about 10 minutes. and then a 10minute night

How do you turn night to day in Minecraft?

/time set day

How long is one Minecraft day?

One Minecraft day is 20 minutes. Day is 10 minutes, and night is 10 minutes.

How do you change time on minecraft PC?

to change from day to night in minecraft without mods you have to wait until the sun goes down. to get from night to day you can right click a bed to sleep.

How do you change day mode to night mode on minecraft pocket edition?

you can't