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He is just playin with the girl because she is attractive. He also likes messin with her because of her agression. I personaly lov Trish way more.

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Q: Does Dante love Mary On Devil May Cry?
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In Devil May Cry is Dante male?


Who is vergil in devil may cry?

Devil May Cry 5 hasn't been announce yet, so where did you come up with this information

Who voices Dante on Devil May Cry?

Drew Coombs

In Devil May Cry 4 does Dante get a girlfriend?

no you geek

What is the surname of Dante in Devil May Cry?

He doesn't have one. His regular name is Dante Sparda.

How do you unlock Dante in devil may cry?

Dante is the main character. You don't need to unlock him.

How tall is Dante from Devil May Cry?

I've been researching about Devil May Cry for a very long while and a lot of these answers to peoples' questions are hard to find. But here's what I found (and some of them can be confusing due to CapCom's stupidity) - DmC (Dante is 16-21 years old but the thing is, this game isn't gonna be part of the series now.) - Devil May Cry 3 Manga (Dante is 18) - Devil May Cry 3 and Marvel vs CAPCOM 3 (Dante is 19) - Devil May Cry 1 Novel (Dante is 28) - Devil May Cry 1 and Viewtiful Joe (Dante is 28-29 years old) - Devil May Cry Anime (Dante is 29-30 years old) - Devil May Cry 2 Novel and Devil May Cry 2 -> (Dante is 30 years old, CAPCOM plans to change it though to between 35 and 40 years old cause there have been rumours that there's gonna be a REAL Devil May Cry 5 taking place after this game, and Nero will star in it again ;)) - Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne (Dante is 30-31 years old) - Devil May Cry 4 (Dante is 31-34 years old but like I said, CapCom plans to change that)

What clothing does Dante wear on Devil May Cry?

Duster coat

Why in Devil May Cry games Dante devil trigger look different in different Devil May Cry games which one is Dante real devil trigger?

Devil May Cry 3 & 4 because of his own blade, Rebellion given to him by his father, Sparda. Does that answer your question? Other blades change his form but it all starts on rebellion.

What is devil may cry 4?

Devil may cry 4 is a game that picks up after the events of the first devil may cry. It features a new character, nero, as well as the usual hero, Dante.

How do you get Dante in devil may cry 4?

Beat the game as Nero first

In Devil May Cry what is Dante's fathers name?

Dark Knight Sparda.