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From what ive heard you have to beat Dante must die mode, you'll unlock Super Dante and Super Nero which have unlimited Devil Trigger

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Q: How do you get infinite devil trigger in Devil May Cry 4?
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How do you use devil trigger in Devil May Cry 1?


Costumes in Devil May Cry 4?

The costume'syour probably talking about are the super costumes. They are unlocked after Dante Must Die mode. They give you infinite Devil Trigger.

How do you get devil trigger in devil may cry?

In DMC3, Dante gets devil trigger after you defeat Vergil in mission 7. His demon will awaken and you are allowed to buy Purple Orbs to extend the time of his devil trigger.

Why in Devil May Cry games Dante devil trigger look different in different Devil May Cry games which one is Dante real devil trigger?

Devil May Cry 3 & 4 because of his own blade, Rebellion given to him by his father, Sparda. Does that answer your question? Other blades change his form but it all starts on rebellion.

Is there a code for unlimited devil trigger for Devil May Cry?

if there was it would be 666!!!!!!!!..................... Ow0 devil-may-die666: no thers not hes retarted lol

How do you get infinite devil trigger in Devil May Cry 3?

where you fight the big spider you inheal you demon there then a door comes you go in then you have to fight dante lol just kiding you just find it there

How do you use devil trigger in Devil May Cry 4 for Xbox 360?

you push the right or left bumper, based on configuration.

Is devil may cry 4 the last of the devil may cry series?

No there will be and Devil May Cry 5 but i don't know when.

Is devil may cry 5 related with devil may cry 4?


What is Devil may cry 5 about?

devil may cry 5 is not made

God of War or Devil May Cry Four?

Devil may cry 4

Will there ever be a Devil May Cry 5?

there is going to be a devil may cry 5