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no it comes with the av cable aka the red white and yellow wires that plug into any of those compatible TV's that support it however i am told it looks better with a 1080p TV

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Q: Do you need a 1080p tv to play the ps3 slim?
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To use the playstion3 remote for Blu-ray movies what else do you need on your 1080p to get Blu-ray?

The PS3 works best when connected to the 1080P HDTV with HDMI cables and the new slim PS3 may then even allow your HDTV remote to Play the Blue-Ray movie that you also need to get Blue-Ray. I know with my PS3 slim 120 GB model connected with HDMI cables to the Sony BR6 HDTV I can use my HDTV remote for Blue-Ray and DVD movies played in the PS3.

Can PS3 play 1080p games?

Yes it was designed to be able to. The PS3 can Play the game, but unless your PS3 is properly connected to a 1080P HDTV you will not get 1080P. You can not get a 1080p game on a 480i TV or on a 1080 p HDTV if the connection A/V cable is the one that came with the PS3 and not HDMI or component cables

Can PS3 Slim play Rock Band?

Yes, PS3 Slim can play Rock Band.

Can PS3 slim games play on the originL PS3?

Yes they can and they can also play on the new slim released in May 2010. They really are only PS3 games and not games for the slim or fat PS3

Does the PS3 support 1080p?

Yes the PS3 supports 1080P when it is connected to a 1080P HDTV with the correct connection cables. The blu-ray disc plays movies at 1080P when played on the PS3 to my HDTV. The PS3 also upscales DVDs to near HD quality with amazing results. In order to fully support 1080p you do need to have a 1080p capable HDTV connected to the PS3 with HDMI or component cables.

When you connect your ps3 to the monitor it 1080p but when i play games it shows 720p?

Your HDTV can only play 1080 p when the material is 1080P

Can the PS3 slim play PS3 games?

Yup, the ps3 slim will play ps3 games. It is the same as a normal ps3 but has a slimmer look to it but most regular ps3s has more memory.

Can a PS3 slim play ps2 and PS1 games?

The PS3 slim will not play PS2 games with full backwards compatibly.

What ps2 games work on the ps3 slim?

None the PS3 slim does not play PS2 games

How do you play blu ray on PS3?

put the disc in a PS3 that has been set up for 1080p HDTV

Can the fat PS3 play slim PS3 games?


Can Sony PlayStation play Blu-ray movies?

Yes it can and the PS3 should be set up for 1080P on a HDTV 1080P