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Yes the PS3 supports 1080P when it is connected to a 1080P HDTV with the correct connection cables. The blu-ray disc plays movies at 1080P when played on the PS3 to my HDTV. The PS3 also upscales DVDs to near HD quality with amazing results. In order to fully support 1080p you do need to have a 1080p capable HDTV connected to the PS3 with HDMI or component cables.

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Q: Does the PS3 support 1080p
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Can PS3 play 1080p games?

Yes it was designed to be able to. The PS3 can Play the game, but unless your PS3 is properly connected to a 1080P HDTV you will not get 1080P. You can not get a 1080p game on a 480i TV or on a 1080 p HDTV if the connection A/V cable is the one that came with the PS3 and not HDMI or component cables

Does ps3 upscale 720p tv's to 1080p?

It is possible for the PS3 to upscale a 720p TV to 1080p quality. This is because the PS3 offers a built-in setting that can be turned off and on.

How can you turn a PS3 into 1080p resolution?

PS3 requires certain conditions for 1080P. Connection to a HDTV with 1080P capability with a HDMI cable and HDMI compatible TV set see related links

How do you get 1080p output on PS3 using a HDMI cable with a game that only supports 720p?

The PS3 will upscale to 1080P if the system is set to upscale. You will not get 1080p you will get 720P upscaled to 1080P. I find that DVDs movies are better on the upscaled format, but they are not of the quality of Blu Ray.

How do you get Blu-ray movies to work in ps3?

Your PS3 must be set up correctly for 1080p on a 1080p HDTV with HDMI cable then you just slide in the disc

Do you need a HDMI cable to play bluray on ps3?

You need a 1080P HDTV and the cable to Play blue-ray in 1080P with your PS3. The cable that comes with the PS3 is only a 480I Audio Video cable and need a cable that will allow 1080P if you have that kind of HDTV. Other cables were not included with your PS3 because they could not know what TV the PS3 would be connected to and they provided one that would allow the PS3 to function until you purchased the correct cable for 720P and 1080P HDTVs

Why do xbox 360 games go up 1080p and ps3 games only go up to 720p?

The Xbox 360 games are actually 720p however they are up-scaled to 1080p on the Xbox thus they are not native 1080p games. The PS3 does run games at a native 1080p though in some cases that can be to much for the hardware of the PS3 and it can cause lag.

What is the best T.V. for ps3?

One with 1080p and 1080i compatability

What type of tv do you need to get the maximum use of a PS3?

That would be the SHARP LC32GP3B 32-Inch AQUOS 1080p Gaming LCD TV that is best for gaming. PS3 has 1080p resolution.So to see that resolution fully you need a 1080p television.

Do you need a 1080p tv to play the ps3 slim?

no it comes with the av cable aka the red white and yellow wires that plug into any of those compatible TV's that support it however i am told it looks better with a 1080p TV

Can Sony PlayStation play Blu-ray movies?

Yes it can and the PS3 should be set up for 1080P on a HDTV 1080P

How do you play blu ray on PS3?

put the disc in a PS3 that has been set up for 1080p HDTV

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