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The Xbox 360 games are actually 720p however they are up-scaled to 1080p on the Xbox thus they are not native 1080p games. The PS3 does run games at a native 1080p though in some cases that can be to much for the hardware of the PS3 and it can cause lag.

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Q: Why do xbox 360 games go up 1080p and ps3 games only go up to 720p?
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Why are all xbox 360 games 1080p?

Well actually they really aren't, they just display in 1080p, while running 720p textures.

Does the Xbox 360 upscale dvds?

yes it dose to 720p or 1080p

Can your 720p vizio lcd recvie 1080p from your playsation 3?

A TV can't display a resolution higer then it's max. Second, let's understand that the two consoles playstation 3 and xbox 360 both sends a true 720P signal. 1080P is actually a upconverted signal of 720P, so after knowing this, do we still want 1080P from our consoles?

Why wont your xbox 360 work on a 720p tv i have two 720p tvs and the 360 doesnt work on either of them but my 1080p tv works fine i have reset the display setting to factory but still dont work?

your xbox might be set to display 1080p and that's why it doesn't display on your 720 TVs

What has a higher graphics card ps3 or xbox 360?

Xbox360>PS3 for all the games featured in this comparision, most games for PS3 is dark. games are best on Xbox 360 because you need at least 1080p graphics for Ps3 to make it look the same as xbox 360 720p.(Lighting) I have both!

What resolution is better for xbox 360 gaming 720p 1080i or 1080p?

Sometimes it depends in what kind of TV you have, some TV's prefere 1080i to 1080p for example. But if you have a very good HD TV then 1080P is the best resolution to pick for High def Xbox 360 gaming. Hope this helped.

Can you play Xbox games on the Xbox 360 n 1080p?

Yes and no. Yes, if you have a hard drive it will play, if it is backward compatible. No, regular xbox games were not made for that good of resolution.

What is a HDMI port for xbox 360?

HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface which is a cable you can use to play game in HD 720p,1080p and 1080i on a HD full TV or HD ready

32 LCD Sony Bravia or 32 LCD Samsung. On the Samsung I can choose 1080p for XBOX 360. On the Sony I can only choose up to 1080i. Maybe I take 720p. Which should I pick for Gaming on the 360?

Take the Samsung because p is better than i

Does Xbox 360 have 1080p?

Yes, the Xbox 360 supports 1080p output through HDMI, VGA, or Component connections.

Can xbox 360 play HD?

An Xbox 360 is capable of playing HD movies as long as you have an "Xbox 360 HD player." The Xbox 360 itself can be viewed and played in the HD content. You will need some HD equipment which includes a HD TV (some will say HD ready - meaning 720p, others will say full HD - meaning 1080p). After getting a TV, use a HDMI cable to link your xbox to the TV. This will now show you HD. Any video game can be viewed at the full 1080p HD.

Does the xbox 360 come with 1080p?

NO it doesn't