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No the PS2 does not play Xbox 360 games only the Xbox 360 plays the games for it.

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Q: Can you play xbox 360 games on a ps2?
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How do you play an Xbox 360 game on a ps2?

Xbox 360 games do not play on the PS2 or they would be called Xbox 360/PS2 games

Can you play ps2 games on a 360?

No you can not play PS2 Games on the Xbox 360

Can you play ps2 games on the Xbox 360?

No the Xbox 360 can not play a PS2 game

Could you play ps2 games on the Xbox?

No PS2 games do not play on the Xbox or Xbox 360

Can the xbox 360 play ps2 games?

No it can not play PS2 games

Can you play xbox360 games on a ps2?

No of course not that's why there are called Xbox 360 games. They were designed to work on the Xbox 360. PS2 games are designed to work on the PS2 hardware

Can you play x box 360 games on ps2?

The only way that a Ps2 game would work with an Xbox 360 is if you buy an Xbox or Xbox 360 version of that game.

Can xbox 360 games work on ps2?

no. but you kan play playstation1 games on the ps2. hope i helped

What is the name of the mod to play xbox 360 games on ps2?

you cant

Can you play a ps2 on a Xbox?

No or on a Xbox 360

How do you update an Xbox 360 so it can have Xbox games on it?

I'm sorry but you can't. The Ps3 can play ps2 games though :)

Do Xbox 360 games work on the ps2?

No they are for the Xbox 360 like you said, why would you think they work on a PS2