Do they still make Xbox games?

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2008-01-26 17:00:45

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No..only Xbox 360 games

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2008-01-26 17:00:45
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Q: Do they still make Xbox games?
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Do people still make games for Xbox?

No but some Xbox 360 games might work

Why don't they make Xbox games?

They still do, just not as much. Exactly. They still do make them, but most of the Xbox video gaming population has gone to the 360, so they make more games for that. After all they want to make as much money as they can.

Can you install Xbox 360 games on your Xbox?

you can install games to make it load faster and the xbox would be quieter. but you would still need the disk to play the game

Do they they still make games for xbox?

Some games like Madden NFL '09 are still being ported to the Original System. The Madden NFL '09 and many other old Xbox games

If you update the Xbox 360 to play Xbox games will the system still play Xbox 360 games?


How do you make your Xbox 360 play old Xbox games?

Make sure you have a hard drive on your Xbox 360, then you can play old Xbox games.

Xbox games on Xbox 360?

Meh.... The Original Xbox Games are fully playable on Xbox 360. No add on purchases like the Wii. There have been rumors that some games don't work. They still have Xbox games on Games on Demand, though.

Do they make anymore normal Xbox games?

They make some games because theres a Madden 09 for the Xbox

Is there a way to make Xbox 360 games work on a Xbox?


How do you play Xbox games on the Xbox360?

you download an update from xbox live but some games still might not play...

Can you still play Xbox original games on Xbox 360 arcade like halo?

No you need the hard drive and xbox live to play xbox 1 games

Is Xbox 360 games playable on Xbox 360 slim?

Yes they are the same games The system is just samller It will still play Most xbox and all 360 games

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