Dexoys in emerald

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Q: Dexoys in emerald
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Where to find dexoys in Pokemon Emerald?

On Birth Island.

Is it true you can catch a dexoys on mirage island on Pokemon emerald?

No only in wish island

How do you get dexoys in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can either migrate it from Pokemon Emerald version, get it from trade, cheats, or events. :)

How do you catch dexoys on Pokemon platinum?

you cant get deoxys in platinum dumbnuts only emerald ruby sapphire so be smarter dumbnut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!('_')

How do you find dexoys on Pokemon diamond?

You cant get it regularly in pearl or diomand. you can get it from ruby Sapphire emerald red or green and migrate, also in the gts

Gay How do you get to Birth Island and catch Dexoys?

You have tosuck it by the rock head up and dexoys will be there

In Pokemon pearl where do you find dexoys?

The only way to have it is to Migrate it from LeafGreen, FireRed or Emerald, or trade it from GTS. That was from where I obtained Jailen Lv. 95 Hope this helped u

Can you get jiraci and dexoys without a game shark?

abwt dexoys uoe dont bot jirachi i dont know

Who would win Darkrai or dexoys?

darkrai will win.because darkrai have abilities to make a Pokemon having a nightmare. dexoys kk

How do you get Dexoys in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't

How do you get to Dexoys?

frist you have to get jarchi then you get in space! shahd

How do you get more master balls on ruby version?

you have to get dexoys