Where is the itemfinder in emerald?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Pokemon emerald

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Q: Where is the itemfinder in emerald?
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How do you get Cute Charm in Pokemon Emerald?

use itemfinder to search in the beach or watever beach in emerald use itemfinder to search in the beach or watever beach in emerald

How many items are found by the itemfinder in emerald?

There are plenty of hidden items you cannot see in the world of hoenn use the itemfinder to seek them out!

How d you dig in the ground on Pokemon emerald after using the itemfinder?

press A on the space

How do you find that guys glasses on Pokemon emerald?

Use the itemfinder then start pressing A everywhere.

How do you get max revive in Pokemon emerald?

You can't buy them, but you can find them in pokeballs and on the ground, using the itemfinder

How do you open room RM2 in emerald?

Find the key in one of the other rooms remember use the itemfinder or pay attention to the sparkles.

How do you dig up things by using the itemfinder on Pokemon emerald?

Face the spot where the item is buried and click A, or use the Item Finder on top of the spot.

What shards can you get at Pokemon Emerald and where can you get them?

You can get all 4 shards, red, yellow, green and blue. you can find them on islands or underwater spots. Sometimes, they will be invisible, so use an Itemfinder. Thanks!

How do you use a itemfinder in FireRed?

when you have got the itemfinder. Click start then click on bag and then press the right button on your +control pad. click on the itemfinder then click use. The itemfinder will detect any items around you that are berried.

How do you get a buried item found by the itemfinder?

Press use to use the itemfinder and if it dings you have found something. Walk in the direction you are facing then use the itemfinder again. continue until the itemfinder starts shaking wildly and press A facing the spot and you will find something.

Where do you get the itemfinder?


How do you get the key for the ladies sweet in pearl?

If you have the itemfinder app for the pokech, go by the bottommost building and use the itemfinder.