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Emerald ore is 129.

Emerald block is 133.

Emerald stone is 388.

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Q: What is the emerald ID in minecraft?
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What is the id for the hand in Minecraft?

their is no ID for your Minecraft hand.

How do you make a emerald pick axe in Minecraft?

There is no such thing as an emerald pickaxe in Minecraft.

What is the item id for a diamond pick in minecraft?

The item ID for a diamond pick in Minecraft is 278. I have linked you below in the related links of a full list of all the ID's in Minecraft.

What is th id for emreld in minecraft?

The ID is 388.

What is the ID number for obsidian in minecraft?

The ID is : 49

What is diamonds ID in minecraft?

The ID for diamond is 264.

Who has an Apple ID that have minecraft?

I do

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Pokemon's ID is your Trainer Card ID!

What is the id number for sticky pistons in minecraft?

the id is 29

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The number ID for TNT is; 46.

Is there emerald in minecraft pocket edition?

Unfortunately not.

What is the rarest substance in Minecraft?

Emerald I think